Women & Gender Studies

Master of Arts / Langue(s) d'enseignement : Anglais
Duration : 4 semestres
University of Lethbridge

The department of Women & Gender Studies at the University of Lethbridge offers a dynamic, inter-disciplinary and rigorous Master of Arts in Women & Gender Studies. Our faculty also teach and supervise students in the CSPT program (MA and PhD levels). We have expertise in the following areas: Gender and Global Migration ; Reproductive Justice ; Critical Race & Sexualities in Law & Culture ; Marriage & Kinship ; Feminist Constitutionalism ; Human Rights & Political Economies ; Indigenous Women & Settler Colonialism ; Women & Spirituality. Our faculty is united through common themes in their research agendas, most notably interrogating issues of power embedded in and exercised by national states within complex transnational relationships. Whether our research is conducted locally, nationally or globally, by ourselves on individual projects that are small scale, or in partnership with national and transnational projects, we consistently disseminate our work through networks of feminist and allied scholars, and build strong working relationships across disciplines.