Master of Arts Feminist and Gender Studies

Master of Arts / Langue(s) d'enseignement : Anglais, Français
Duration : 2 semestres
Université d'Ottawa

The Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies offers a master’s, a doctorate and a collaborative program (at the master’s level) in Feminist and Gender Studies. The objective of the MA program in Feminist and Gender Studies is to encourage the acquisition of in-depth, plural, diversified, and heuristic knowledge of the different currents of feminist thought, including theoretical and methodological proposals. The program aims to develop an aptitude for research in the university or the community, while enriching the student’s personal work through the supervised writing of a research paper or thesis. The primary objective of the Doctoral program is to prepare candidates for a career in teaching and research. The program, however, also prepares candidates for other careers by giving them a comprehensive knowledge in feminist theory, methodology and analysis in a context that highlights the need for scholarship engaged with the realities of an increasingly transnational world. PhD graduates will have acquired and demonstrated their aptitude to produce scholarly work engaged with some of the most urgent issues in the global and local socio-political, cultural and economic landscape while identifying new directions for feminist scholarship and intervention. The programs are offered full-time and part-time. Courses are offered both in English and in French. In accordance with University of Ottawa regulations, students can write their papers, exams, and theses in the official language of their choice (either English or French). Students are encouraged to acquire at least a passive knowledge of the second official language before graduation.