Master of Arts / Langue(s) d'enseignement : Allemand
Duration : 4 semestres / Crédits (ECTS) : 120
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Our program offers students the opportunity to explore gender theory and application across twenty-one different subjects. MA courses are transdisciplinary and centered on individual projects and problems. The self-conception of the gender studies program views gender as a central category through which our society structures its perceptions, identities, and values ; is transdisciplinary in order to understand the connection between different disciplinary approaches while simultaneously reflecting critically on those approaches; is interdependent because gender can only be analyzed in its complex relationship with other categories such as “race,” ethnicity, social status, sexuality, religion, dis/ability, or age ; is critical of the sciences, because the analytical category gender generates new knowledge, which impacts the arts and sciences as well as other relevant contexts ; is interventionist because gender studies is committed not only to theory but also to translating gender knowledge into real-world practice.