Gender, Violence and Conflict

Master of Arts / Langue(s) d'enseignement : Anglais
Duration : 2 semestres/ 4 semestres
University of Sussex
The MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict will engage students critically with existing theoretical and policy debates about the links between sex, gender, violence and conflict. It will consider perspectives and arguments from anthropology and international relations, as well as from sociology, gender and feminist studies, and will include a focus on areas such as the gendered experiences of violence, conflict and peace; militarisation, masculinities and femininities, gender(ed) violence in situations of conflict and peace and the embodiment and institutionalisation of violence. Building on the policy and consultancy work undertaken by our faculty members, it will also offer critical perspectives on contemporary policy agendas, diplomatic and development interventions in the areas of “Women, Peace and Security” and “Violence Against Women”. Finally, it will introduce students to critical and feminist approaches to social research and the politics and ethics of research. The MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict is an exciting and unique post-graduate degree designed to appeal to UK and international students and to policymakers and practitioners who would like to undertake masters level specialist study to aid their professional development.