Gender (Sexuality)

Master of science / Langue(s) d'enseignement : Anglais
Duration : 2 semestres
London School of Economics

The MSc Gender is a flexible degree which offers you the opportunity to develop expertise in the fullest possible range of gender theories, and stresses the significance of gender for knowledge and research design. You are trained in how to treat gender as an object of study, as an analytic approach or perspective and as a way of thinking across disciplinary boundaries. A key focus of the degree concerns the ethical as well as intellectual issues that arise from practicing gender studies. In addition to the compulsory courses of the degree, you are able to choose from the fullest range of options, from within and outside of the Institute, in order to develop your own gender studies pathway and focus on key research areas. The sexuality pathway is an interdisciplinary degree programme that foregrounds the relevance of gender and sexuality theories to transnational issues of sexual activism and legal frames, and introduces students to a range of ways of thinking about new developments in the field such as trans* politics and arguments about the ‘sexualisation of culture’.