(Trans-)Sexualities and Psychoanalysis

The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) currently has a vacant PhD position as part of the Trans-Sexualities project. ASCA is one of the five Research Schools within the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research (AIHR). Closing date:  22 April 2024

You will be working on a research project which explores questions around gender and sexuality that center around trans-ness within a psychoanalytic framework. You are expected to either have some literacy in psychoanalytic theory (of whatever tradition/school) or a strong interest in developing psychoanalytic skills in order to think gender and sexuality alongside queer theory and trans theory. Candidates without prior experience in psychoanalytic theory should demonstrate a keenness to acquire these skills. During the PhD research you will conduct extensive research on theories and histories of (trans-)sexualities, theories of (trans-)desire, and psychoanalysis. This will involve critical reviews and analysis of critical theories on (trans-)sexualities and psychoanalysis. We are open to candidates with experience in a range of theories of gender and sexuality but are particularly interested in those who have some literacy in trans studies and/or psychoanalysis.