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March 2023
Conferences, workshops and debates

Conférence-performance de Michal Heiman organisée le 27 mars, 18h-20h, Auditorium INALCO.

For over four decades, Michal Heiman, an artist, (art)ivist, a finalist for the Gradiva Award in 2022 for her contribution to the psychoanalytic field, founder of the public-benefit corporation An Academy of Her Own, has addressed gender and political frameworks, offering alternative thematic, aesthetic, and theoretical matrices. Throughout her lecture – performance, Heiman will bring her voice to bear on issues of unwritten and neglected histories and archives mainly focused on anonymous and marginalized women, including women who were hospitalized in asylums in the 19th century. Heiman, a multimedia artist, will unfold her use of tactics of infiltration and own history and body, to challenge art and photography’s therapeutic potential and its role in the struggle for human rights.