Master of Arts / Gendering Practices

Göteborgs Universitet - University of Gothenburg - Suède


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The aim of Gendering Practices is to offer advanced knowledges in the interdisciplinary field of Gender Studies. The content of the programme will prepare students for an international labour market that increasingly requires advanced knowledges about –and critical perspectives on – power relations, equality work, and social and cultural norms. The programme offers four different strands of study within the interdisciplinary field of Gender Studies, developed to prepare the students for different parts of the labour market: Equality politics, organisation, and law ; Cultural heritage ; Cultural theories and practices ; Body politics and social health. The overall aim, regardless of strand of study, is to give students theoretical and practical means to work in fields that focus on securing equal opportunities as well as challenge social and cultural norms based on gender, ethnicity, sexuality, class, functionality etc. The programme also prepares students to continue onto doctorate level in Gender Studies. Depending on the optional courses each student chose to include in his/her education, the programme can also be a preparation for doctoral studies in other disciplines.