Master of Arts / Geschlechterstudien/Gender Studies

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Allemagne


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Ziel des Masterstudiengangs Geschlechterstudien/Gender Studies ist ein vertieftes analytisches Verständnis von Gender als Kategorie in Hinblick auf deren funktionale Komplexität, sich historisch wandelnde Konstruktionen, Vermittlungsformen und Wirkungsweisen. Dies wird im Kontext unterschiedlicher Themenfelder und fachübergreifend unter Berücksichtigung unterschiedlicher theoretischer Konzepte und methodischer Zugänge vermittelt.
The gender studies MA program provides an in-depth understanding of the complexity of gender as an analytical category. The program takes gender as a lens through which we examine transformations of social constructions throughout history, the ways in which those constructions are transmitted, as well as their impact on a variety of topic areas. To accomplish this, the program relies on analytical methods and approaches from a wide variety of disciplines. The MA program strives to impart its students with a knowledge of gender relations within various historical, cultural and situational contexts. We further illuminate these contexts by examining the interdependent connection between gender and race, class, sexuality and age. Transdisciplinarity is the theoretical reflection undertaken by members of a variety of academic disciplines who express interest in gender, which transcends the constraints of any single discipline. It is applied in the examination of the forms and impacts of “norming,” of the roll of transmission and representation in cultural practices, of the process of transforming social structures, and the possibility for critical intervention in cognitive systems. Students acquire the skills they need to conduct scholarly work independently and in project teams. By focusing in the modules on the application of specific skill sets relevant to various fields of research, students develop competence as researchers.