Master of Arts / Gender Studies

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The master degree "Gender Studies" imparts scientific founded knowledge about the topic "Gender". It is an interdisziplinary, practically orientated, research - driven study and as a result of this, it equips students of different fields with this additional and post - graduate qualification. The topic covers what the meaning of gender is to people, society and culture and its interaction with oter social and cultural categories. Gender is understood as a key mechanism that assigns social position, occupation, responsibility, material resources and acceptance of women and men. The analysis of this mechanism and the resulting consequences concerning the daily social life within society and the scientific formation of theories is the issue of Gender Studies. The master degree started in winter 07/08, we recommend to start in the winter semester. The target - group of "Gender Studies" are graduates of studies from the faculty of arts and humanities, the faculty of law, the faculties of the social and economic sciences, the faculty of theology or graduates of psychology. In any case it has to be a degree of a bachelor, with 180 ECTS - points or an equal degree at an accreditate educational institution of equal standing. All other graduates have to contact the rectorate.