Master / Gender Studies

University of Malta - Malte


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Equality legislation underlines that gender equality should be mainstreamed in service provision, policy and research. This specialisation is not currently available at an advanced level and the objective of this programme is to promote it among potential service providers, policy makers, researchers and employers. The programme of studies for the course consists of a taught component totaling 30 ECTS credits and a research component to which 60 ECTS credits are assigned. The structure of the proposed programme is designed to provide the student with the opportunity to work directly with a specifically chosen supervisor, who will guide the student towards new knowledge and research skills. The aim of this proposed programme is to allow students to apply Gender epistemologies and methodologies to a specific area of their choice. The programme is designed as being predominantly research based to allow the student and the selected supervisor to engage in an in-depth study in a particular area of interest, thereby contributing to a richer understanding of Gender Studies. Students are expected to cover all the prescribed readings and participate fully in all activities related to the programme. Students are advised to keep pace with the work set, allowing sufficient time for any research work and/or revision.