Master of Arts / Gender and Media

University of Sussex - Royaume-Uni


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This MA focuses on the production, circulation and reception of media representations of masculinity, femininity and sexuality. It also explores ways in which questions of gender and sexuality might shape and inform media relations more generally, for example in the negotiations of the public/private divide. Drawing on Sussex’s team of internationally recognised scholars in the fields of both media and film and gender studies, this interdisciplinary course allows you to combine approaches from the social sciences, cultural studies and the humanities. Undoubtedly, the media have been extremely influential in shaping and reflecting gendered power relations, and processes of identification in relation to the politics of gender, sexuality and the body. This unique MA brings these issues to the fore, and allows you to address them in depth. This course engages with a substantial intellectual area to address some of the key social, cultural and political issues of the present day: the media texts addressed in this MA are drawn from a wide range of historical and national contexts and include print and online media, film (both Hollywood and non mainstream), and radio and television genres such as soap operas, dramas and make-over shows; you are introduced to the key concepts in feminism, postfeminism, queer theory, ‘crip’ theory, masculinity studies and body image studies, as well as a wide range of media and cultural theory ; you are encouraged to set up your own agenda throughout the course, culminating in a research-led dissertation. This MA provides perspectives and information for people already in the media field or wishing to enter it, or for people in any occupation where gender awareness would be an advantage.