Master / Critical Gender Studies

Central European University - Hongrie


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The M.A. degree in Critical Gender Studies is designed as a vehicle for educating and training future generations of gender specialists in the fields and professions that most need such specialists in order to address the many gendered political, cultural and social challenges of contemporary society. These professions may include but are not limited to education, academic research, social services (non-governmental organizations for instance), policy, government advising and applied research, journalism, as well as jobs that entail various kinds of cultural production. Gender studies in the two-year program is defined as “critical” Gender Studies, signaling the ways in which the program is organized around teaching students to critically analyze existing ideas, systems, and inequalities that decrease the possibilities for women and men to fully reach their human potential. The program aims to impart on students rigorous training in critical gender analysis, writing, research skills, oral presentations, and non-paid internships.