Article de blog - The shadow pandemic : how the covid-19 crisis is exacerbating gender inequality

United Nations Foundation, blog, 14 avril 2020

Article de Michelle Milford Morse et Grace Anderson.

There’s the pandemic you know about, and all too well. It’s rightfully crowding the headlines of your newspaper and occupying the minds of government leaders. It’s taking loved ones, imperiling heroes in scrubs, threatening neighbors at the cash register, and suddenly turning parents everywhere into teachers.

Then, there’s the shadow pandemic, which is rapidly unraveling the limited, but precious, progress that the world has made toward gender equality in the past few decades. As summarized by a new UN report about COVID-19 and girls and women, this shadow pandemic can be seen in a spike in domestic violence as girls and women are sheltering-in-place with their abusers ; the loss of employment for women who hold the majority of insecure, informal and lower-paying jobs ; the risk shouldered by the world’s nurses, who are predominately women ; and the rapid increase in unpaid care work that girls and women mostly provide already. The current emergency is poised to deeply exacerbate a stubborn one : while early reports suggest that men are more likely to succumb to COVID-19, the social and economic toll will be paid, disproportionately, by the world’s girls and women.

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