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Publié le 24 septembre 2021 par Héloïse Humbert

La prochaine (et dernière) séance du cycle "Traduire le genre" du séminaire du LEGS se tiendra jeudi 30 septembre de 17h à 19h sur Zoom (heure parisienne). Cette séance sera en anglais (et exceptionnellement un jeudi).

Nous recevrons à cette occasion Clare Hemmings (London School of Economics) et Ilana Eloit (Université de Lausanne). Eric Fassin (Université Paris 8/LEGS) sera discutant.

Pour nous rejoindre, merci de bien vouloir vous inscrire via ce lien. Une fois l’inscription effectuée, vous recevrez un e-mail de confirmation contenant les instructions pour rejoindre le séminaire.

- Clare Hemmings : "Unnatural Feelings : The Affective Life of Anti-Gender Mobilisations"
This paper explores the central role that affect plays in contemporary global anti-gender mobilisations. The work adds to existing work in social science on the rise of these movements in the context of the Right by focusing on the narrative use of affect that is used to persuade audiences of empirically unverifiable claims. I highlight the importance of affects such as outrage and derision as mechanisms to present dominant views and subjects as marginal, and as a way of writing the history of ‘gender equality’ as one of violence done to ‘ordinary men and women’. The work explores the importance of affect for resistance to these anti-gender narratives too, calling for a feminist commitment to its own radical history of calling ‘sex’ into question in a range of ways.

- Ilana Eloit : "Untranslatability as a Political Tool : The Americanization of Lesbianism in the French Women’s Liberation Movement".

In this presentation, I investigate what I call the “Americanization” of lesbianism in the 1970s French Women’s liberation movement – that is, the argument that lesbian identity is American and foreign to the French culture. I argue that the goal of this rhetoric was to construct an essentially heterosexual French feminism, as opposed to American lesbianism. I show that the heterosexual norm of 1970s French feminism is intrinsically linked to the universalist social contract, wherein heterosexuality is conceived as a democratic crucible where men and women harmoniously come together and differences are deemed divisive.

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