Gender and masculinities in careers and leadership in higher education

Publié le 17 juillet 2018 par Institut du genre

International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, vol. 10, no 1, 2018, 192 p.

Table of contents

Guest Editorial : Gender and Masculinities in Careers and Leadership in Higher Education, by Felizitas Sagebiel, Kate White

The Perfect Course of Life (CV) and Double-Career Couples in Science, by Sigrid Helene Metz-Goeckel

Gender and Network Awareness in/for successful leadership in academic Science and Engineering, by Felizitas Sagebiel

Excellence, Masculinity and Work-Life Balance in Academia : Voices from Researchers in Germany and Sweden, by Minna Salminen-Karlsson, Andrea Wolffram, Nina Almgren

Are New Career Models for Science Research Emerging ?, by Kate White

Excellence as a Gender-Biased Concept and Effects of the Linking of Excellence with Gender Equality, by Andrea Wolffram

Multiple Masculinities and Gendered Research Personas : Between experiments, career choice and family, by Helena Pettersson

‘You must aim high’ - ‘No, I never felt like a woman’ : women and men making sense of non-standard trajectories into higher education, by Ana M. González Ramos, Nora Räthzel

Change and Persistence of Gender Disparities in Academic Careers of Mathematicians and Physicists in Germany, by Bettina Langfeldt, Anina Mischau

The Triple Whammy : Gendered Careers of Geographically Marginalised Academic STEM Women, by Clem Herman, Rachel Hilliam

Review of Man Made : Why So Few Women Are in Positions of Power, by Kate White

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