Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in "Behavioral Sciences Research in HIV Infection"

Publié le 2 octobre 2017 par Institut du Genre

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in “Behavioral Sciences Research in HIV Infection,” at the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies, Division of Gender, Sexuality, and Health in the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry.

This postdoctoral Fellowship Program provides innovative training in sexuality, gender, and mental health research as applied to HIV prevention and treatment across populations in both national and global contexts. The program is open to persons with an doctoral degree in the behavioral, social or medical sciences. The long- term goal of the Program is to develop a diverse and highly skilled workforce of leaders in behavioral and social science research to meet the challenges posed by the evolving HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Our Program employs three complementary and mutually reinforcing learning strategies :

(1) Involvement in research mentored by experienced senior investigators ;

(2) Education via multiple modalities in substantive issues, including the intersection of sexuality, gender, and mental health with fundamentals of medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, and health promotion related to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care ; and

(3) Training in critical academic and professional skills that will enable our graduate postdoctoral Fellows to excel as competitive researchers with extramural grant support from NIH as well as other PHS and private funders.

This Fellowship offers extensive opportunities for networking with researchers, clinicians, and public health practitioners across disciplines and a range of academic and public health centers in the New York metropolitan area. Fellows have full access to resources of the HIV Center and the Columbia University Medical Center.

Applications are invited now for two full-time two- to three-year fellowship positions : one to start no later than June 1, 2018 and the second one on or after July 1, 2018. The first position will be filled immediately once the appropriate candidate has been identified. The other position will be filled in the summer of 2018.

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