Postdoctor in Gender Studies - Spaces of resistance (knowledge in Turkish language required))

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Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Applications by 25 January 2018.

The research project Spaces of resistance. A study of gender and sexualities in times of transformation started 2016 with support from Knut and Alice Wallenberg’s Foundation. The project explores the transnational struggle for women’s and LGBT-people’s rights in contemporary Scandinavia, Russia and Turkey. Bringing together multi-sited ethnography, netnography and comparative analysis, this project examines the ways in which the transnational struggles for women’s and sexual rights enable new collective identities and more complex understandings of gender and sexualities, beyond national and regional borders. The project is situated in feminist post-/decolonial and postsocialist theory. The research project is now inviting applications for a position as Postdoctor, appointed to conduct research within the project, individually as well as in collaboration with other members in the research team.

Subject area
Gender Studies

Subject area description
The Department of Cultural Sciences gathers several subject areas engaged in studying a variety of aesthetic and cultural forms of expression in a contemporary as well as historical perspective. All subject areas at the Department share an interest for examinations of aesthetic, communicative and meaning making aspects of the society and of human interaction. In Gender Studies, feminist scholars from diverse academic traditions meet across disciplinary borders to develop critical analyses of gender, power and resistance, situated in traditions of rich feminist scholarship such as feminist science and technology studies, feminist post-/decolonialism, feminist poststructuralism and feminist (new) materialism. Research on transnational and feminist social movements constitutes a vibrant space at the Department for scholars interested in developing knowledge about the shifts and complexities of gender and power in a globalized world.

For further information about the Department, about Gender Studies or about the research project Spaces of resistance, please check the website of the Department :

Job assignments
The posted position primarily comprises research, individually and in collaboration with the research team members, within the project Spaces of resistance. The job assignments include, in collaboration with the research team, project planning, data collection, processing and analysis of the material, publications of results, and presentations of preliminary results and findings at conferences. The Postdoctor is also expected to actively participate in project workshops and in seminars at the Department, as well as cooperate with the surrounding community.

In addition to research, the posted position will comprise teaching, student supervision or course development. The teaching assignments are limited to 20% of full time within the position.

To be eligible for the position, the applicant shall have a PhD in gender studies or a PhD with gender perspective in a closely related subject area. The position of Postdoctor aims at providing junior scholars an opportunity to strengthen and develop their scholarly proficiency. The applicant shall therefore have been awarded their PhD not more than 3 years prior to the deadline of the call for this position.

The qualifications for the posted position are stated in the University of Gothenburg Appointment procedures for teachers :

The most important basis for assessment is the ability and potential in conducting qualified research, but teaching skills will also be taken into account. The applicant shall have experience from working with ethnographic fieldwork and have knowledge about feminist, post-/decolonial or postsocialist theory. In order to be able to carry out ethnographic fieldwork in Turkey, the applicant shall have good knowledge in the Turkish language and society. We are particularly interested in applicants with knowledge about LGBT-movements, cisnormativity, trans- or intersex. Special attention will be given to documented qualifications within the following areas :

Good knowledge in the Turkish language and society ;
Scholarly competence, which will be assessed in relation to the methods, theories and overall aim of the research project ;
Teaching expertise, demonstrated through experience of planning and execution of educational activities, supervision and/or examination ;
Collaborative ability, demonstrated through, for example, co-written publications, collaborative research projects and/or activities with the surrounding community ;
Qualifications regarding cooperation with the surrounding community ;
Very good knowledge in Swedish or English (speak and write)


The employment is a fixed-term employment of 2 years full-time, starting 2018-10-01. Location at the Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg

Additional information

Use the Instructions for Applicants published at the website of the Faculty of Arts, accessible via the link

The application shall be written in English or Swedish. The following documents should be submitted with the application :

Description of scientific and educational work
List of degrees and employment
Merit portfolio I-IV according to the Faculty of Arts merit portfolio
No more than 5 publications the applicant wishes to claim

The applicant should also submit :

A copy of their doctoral degree
A description of their previous experiences of relevance for the project, and of how their research can contribute to the research project
Documentation of pedagogical qualifications (for example a certificate from the Head of the Department, or similar)
Two references that could be contacted to provide a reference letter

For further information :

Regarding the position please contact Associate Professor Mia Liinason, +46 (0)31-786 3615, or Deputy head of Research Karin Wagner, +46 (0)31-786 4190,


Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg :

How to apply
Go to :
In order to apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg, you have to register an account in our online recruitment system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline. The selection of candidates is made on the basis of the qualifications registered in the application. Any documents that are not available in electronic format should be mailed to : The Department of Cultural Sciences, P.O.Box 200, 405 30 Gothenburg. Mark all documents with PAR 2017/1546.

The application is to be written in English.

Closing date : 2018-01-25

The University of Gothenburg promotes equal opportunities, equality and diversity.

Salary is determined on an individual basis.

Applications will be destroyed or returned (upon request) two years after the decision of employment has become final. Applications from the employed and from those who appeal the decision will not be returned.