Job Offer - University teacher for the Master’s Degree Progamme in Social Exclusion

Publié le 8 janvier 2018 par Institut du Genre

At Abo Academi University in Turku, Finland - from 1 March 2018 until 31 July 2021, applications by 15 January 2018.

The new international Master’s Degree Programme in Social Exclusion will start in the academic year 2018–2019. The Master’s programme is part of the internationalisation agenda of the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology, while also serving as a key element in the minority research profile of Åbo Akademi University.

We are now looking to employ a university teacher for the period of 1 March 2018 – 31 July 2021 to participate in the development of activities related to and within the new Master’s degree programme. The position includes both coordination and teaching duties. The university teacher is expected to be part of and contribute to a dynamic and boundary-crossing academic community within the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology.

Read more about the Master’s Degree Programme in Social Exclusion at

Description of the position
The university teacher’s work duties are primarily comprised of teaching and related organisation and administrative tasks with a special focus on the planning of the programme, the managing and coordination of the teaching, and the coordination between the subject areas involved as well as the collaborative support for and/or teaching in other subject entities within the Faculty in accordance with the appointee’s competencies. The university teacher is also the so-called teacher tutor for students admitted to the programme, which involves bearing the responsibility for the students’ adaptation to Åbo Akademi University and the study environment. General university-level assignments concerning the international Master’s degree programmes at ÅAU may also be included. The university teacher shall collaborate with teachers and researchers at national and international levels, participate in the pedagogical development in the field, and conduct research related to the theme areas of the programme. The university teacher is provided with an opportunity to conduct research for a maximum of one third of the working hours.

The university teacher has a total working time of 1,624 hours per year, and the work tasks will be defined in detail in annual work plans.

Qualification requirements
In accordance with the Åbo Akademi University Regulations on Personnel approved by the Board on 17 August 2017, the university teacher is required to have a doctoral degree in one of the subjects relevant to the Master’s Degree Programme or a closely related discipline, as well as pedagogical competence. Moreover, experience of interdisciplinary academic collaboration is considered a merit.

For the evaluation and comparison of applicants for the position, the following criteria will be considered :

- Pedagogical competence (40%), including experience in teaching and supervising students, experience of the planning and development of teaching, studies in university pedagogy or corresponding education, which shall be assessed in accordance with the Rector’s decision on the pedagogical competence of teachers and researchers at Åbo Akademi University (20 June 2012).
- Scientific competence (30%), which comprises research merits such as scientific publications in the field and contribution to research projects.
- Interactive skills (30%), including societal assignments within the subject area relevant to the Master’s degree programme, good cooperative skills, intercultural competence and administrative experience. Experience in the planning of studies, coordination of education and similar work to promote the development of university education are also considered to be merits.

The appointment will take place after an overall assessment of the candidate’s capabilities to carry out the work duties included in the position. A trial period shall be applicable to a new employee. Applicants may be invited to an interview and requested to demonstrate their teaching skills.

Language requirements
Requirements concerning the language proficiency for teaching positions at Åbo Akademi University are prescribed in Section 78 of the Universities Act (Universitetslagen 558/2009) and in the Guideline for proficiency in Swedish and Finnish required of teachers at Åbo Akademi University (25 February 2010). While the administrative language at Åbo Akademi University is Swedish, the teaching language in the Master’s degree programme is English. The applicants shall prove their knowledge of spoken and written English as necessary to successfully perform the teaching duties. Foreigners and non-native Finnish citizens may be exempted from the requirement to have proficiency in Swedish or Finnish.

Salary and application
The salary of the university teacher is based on Levels 5–6 of the Job Demand Levels for teaching and research personnel.In addition, an individual salary component based on personal work performance is added to the salary. See the salary chart for teachers and researchers

The electronic application should be submitted in the University recruitment system below ( no later than on 15 January 2018 at 3 PM (Finnish time) with the following enclosures :

- An academic portfolio, including a list of publications, composed in compliance with the instructions given at,
- A copy of the diploma of a doctoral degree relevant to the position,
- Documentation (max. 3 pages) on the applicant’s earlier experience that is most relevant in terms of the position, including possible corresponding assignments in educational planning and experience of teaching in English, as well as personal reflection on the performance of the duties of the position,
- Possible other diplomas and certificates (for example, on language proficiency or pedagogical studies),
- Contact information for two references.

Additional information
For further information on the position, please contact Dean Mikael Lindfelt (mikael.lindfelt(a), Professor Peter Nynäs (peter.nynas(a) or HR Specialist Jenni Kronqvist (jenni.kronqvist(a)
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