CALEM recruits

Publié le 30 mars 2016 par Equipe GIS IdG

CALEM recruits - International consulting Cabinet (gender, religion, interculturalism)

Our societies are passing through harsh times, confronted to all kind of extremisms. These latest put in peril our common Republican values, which allows all of us to live together, in an attempt to muzzle freedom of expression, associated to all secular States, to impose totalitarian, fascist ideologies.
To offer our counseling services to the forces fighting for democracy in Europe, Middle East and elsewhere, after more than fifteen years of expertise about vulnerable individuals’ liberation, CALEM reorganized its activities. Early 2015, we launched the CALEM international consulting Cabinet. Please visit our reshaped website to learn more about our professional services and the support we can propose to our clients.

Today, in order to cope with growing demand, our firm recruits. You are a young counselor and you want extra income ? The CALEM Cabinet can offer you the opportunity to participate in the organization of training activities (seminars, conferences, symposiums), but also to scientific research on unpublished fields (publications of articles or tribunes, books or training manuals).
You can work from home, especially if you live in the following countries :

- Morocco
- Tunisia
- Spain
- Italy
- Germany
- Belgium
- Netherlands
- Denmark
- England

Your mission will be clear and your contract precise. Requested qualities :

- Entrepreneurship (canvas customers according to our recommendations, our ethics)
- Independence (autonomous management of working hours)
- Good knowledge of our expertise (gender, sexualities, religions, discriminations)
- Speaking two languages fluently, including English (highly recommended)
- Freedom of speech (not submitted ideologicaly to any political party or any organization)

Thanks to send a CV and a covering letter to : or
More information by phone : 0 (033) 667 087 066 ; or on (now also available in Arabic)