Aigner-Rollett-Guest Professor for Women’s and Gender Studies

Publié le 3 mai 2016 par Equipe GIS IdG

Aigner-Rollett-Guest Professor for Women’s and Gender Studies

The guest professor will add gender aspects to the teaching offered by the Faculty of Environmental, Regional and Educational Sciences on the one hand and contribute to the interdisciplinary Master’s Program for Gender Studies ( of the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz on the other hand.

Focus and expected contributions in the areas research and teaching :
The lectures in the framework of the guest professorship will deal with gender aspects in geography. Preferred focus is on climate (-change), sustainability and environmental (-education) and/or the the materiality of the social (biopolitics, body-politics, structure of space in terms of gender perspective etc.).

Employment requirements :
1. A position-related adequate university qualification
2. Outstanding scientific qualification in research and teaching in the area specified above
3. Leadership qualities, expertise in the field of gender mainstreaming
4. Area specific professional international experience

Nr of positions available : 1
Research Fields : Other
Career Stage : More Experienced researcher or >10 yrs (Senior)
Research Profiles : Leading Researcher (R4)


A salary in excess of the minimum salary as stated in the collective agreement will be offered in the amount of € 5,012.65 EUR.