Reading and Translating The Second Sex Globally

Publié le 12 octobre 2021 par Héloïse Humbert

Programme de la quatrième session des Beauvoir Webinar Series, le 19 novembre 2021 à 13h30, en ligne.

TIME ZONES : 1:30pm (Paris, Praha) / 2:30pm (Helsinki) / 8:30pm (Manila) / 11:30pm (Sydney) / 6:30am (Mexico) / 7:30am (New York)

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The International Simone de Beauvoir Society is happy to present the 4th session and last session of the Beauvoir Webinar Series 2021 !

The session will be a discussion dedicated to the special issue of Simone de Beauvoir Studies : "Translating and Reading the Second Sex Globally", guest-edited by historians Sylvie Chaperon and Marine Rouch. The editors and authors will be there to present their articles and will be happy to have a conversation about them.

Since its publication in France in 1949, The Second Sex has been translated into dozens of languages, each time in a particular editorial, intellectual and feminist context. Each translation has given rise to different transformations and adaptations, which have then been critically received and appropriated by a various range of readers (from intellectuals to “ordinary” inviduals).
This issue explores different cultural receptions of Beauvoir’s magnum opus and linguistic decisions made in the course of translating one of the most important books of the twentieth century into multiple languages. Articles discuss Beauvoir’s impact in Mexico, Bolivia, the former Czechoslovakia, and Iran, as well as controversies surrounding the two English translations of Le Deuxième Sexe.
Readers will also find special interviews with Michèle Le Doeuff and Margaret A. Simons, two pioneers of Beauvoir studies in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as an image of Beauvoir’s famous sentence, written in her own hand : “on ne naît pas femme, on le devient.”

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Our guests are :
- Jennifer McWeeny, Editor-in-Chief of Simone de Beauvoir Studies
- Sylvie Chaperon and Marine Rouch, Guest Editors of the special issue
- Hortensia Moreno Esparza and Ana Gabriela Buquet Corleto, authors of the article on Mexico
- Verushka Alvizuri, author of the article on Bolivia
- Dagmar Pichová, author of the article on Czechoslovakia
- Chahla Chafiq, author of the article on Iran
- Alice Caffarel-Cayron, author of the article on the translation of the famous sentence
- Michèle Le Doeuff, about her interview
- Margaret A. Simons and Erika Ruonakoski, about the interview of M. A. Simons

Join us in this interesting discourse on the receptions and translations of The Second Sex ! This is a free event and is open to the public. Please fill out and submit this form to complete your registration. The Zoom link will be sent to your registered email address the day before the event.

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