Femmes dérangées, femmes dérangeantes / Disturbed and Disruptive Women

Publié le 15 avril 2021 par Institut du genre

16th Women in French UK-Ireland Biennial Conference

Confirmed Keynotes :
Naomi Fontaine, Innu First Nation Writer from Uashat, Québec.
Giovanna Murillo Rincon, Paris-based activist committed to supporting the most vulnerable of QTIPOC subjects (Queer, Transgender and Intersex People of Colour).

The labels ‘dérangées’ and ‘dérangeantes’, which we might loosely translate as ‘disturbed’ and ‘disruptive’, have long been applied to women throughout the course of history. Once a woman does not correspond to the societal expectations and norms that supposedly define ‘proper womanhood’, be that in terms of appearance, behaviour, beliefs or situation, she is cast aside and held in contempt. ‘Good’ women are those who do not disturb and disrupt the patriarchy, but, rather, conform to and uphold systems of male privilege.

6-9th May 2021, online
Registration (closing 30th April)