Cozinhando imagens, tejiendo feminismos. Latin American Feminist Film and Visual Art Collectives

Publié le 13 avril 2021 par Institut du genre

International Online Conference. Keynote Speaker : Julia Lesage, Professor Emerita University of Oregon.
Organized by Lorena Cervera, Sonia Kerfa, Phoebe Martin, and Ana Lúcia Nunes de Sousa. With the collaboration of UCL and Université Grenoble-Alpes,
and the generous support of SLAS, LAHP, ILCEA4, and ColectiVIS-ARTS

Through exploring past and present feminist artistic practices and establishing a dialogue between them, this conference attempts to provide a space of reflexion on the relations between art and activism within feminist and women’s movements. What can current feminist activists, filmmakers, and artists learn from past struggles and their visual representations ? How can artistic practices on women’s issues most effectively raise awareness, initiate public debates, and change situations of injustice ? How can collective and collaborative artistic practices transform the world around us ?

19th-20th April 2021, 2-8 pm GMT (London time), online