Beauvoir, sexism and racism

Publié le 4 janvier 2021 par Institut du genre

Organized by Dr. Gina Opiniano and Marine Rouch, for the International SdB Society

Time : 8:30am (New York) / 2:30pm (Paris) / Manila (8:30pm)

This session will be opened by Dr. Gina Opiniano and Marine Rouch, the organizers of the Webinars for The International SdeB Society. Dr. Qrescent Mali Mason will then say a few introductory words as the President of the International SdeB Society.

Two speakers will share their views on this topic :
- Dr Kathryn Sophia Belle will present a talk titled : "Beauvoir and Belle : Critical Engagements with Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex".
Dr. Kathryn Sophia Belle is an American Philosopher and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University. Her areas of interest include Black Feminism, Black feminist philosophy and critical theory of race. She wrote groundbreaking articles on Beauvoir and race.

- Mickaëlle Provost will talk about ""America Day by Day and the Phenomenology of racial oppression".
She is a French PhD Candidate in Philosophy. She is currently working on the analogy Racism/sexism from a comparison between R. Wright and Beauvoir. Her PhD dissertation is titled "Une phénoménologie des résistances : de l’expérience de l’oppression à l’expérimentation" ("A Phenomenology of Resistance : From the Experience of Oppression to Experimentation").

The session will be moderated by Dr. T Storm Heter, Professor of Philosophy at East Stroudsburg University, PA. He is a specialist of Existentialism and is currently writing a book on "The Problem of White Listening". He also recently wrote a piece on Beauvoir’s "white problem" (to be published on "Chère Simone de Beauvoir").

The session will be concluded by Dr. Noelle Leslie Dela Cruz’s response to the talks and conversation.
Dr. Dela Cruz is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at De La Salle University (Manila, The Philippines) and her areas of interest include Beauvoir, race, phenomenology and Feminism.

8 janvier 2021, en ligne, 14h30 (Paris)
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