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Publié le 16 novembre 2015 par Equipe GIS IdG

Sabine Hark et Paula-Irena Villa (dir.),

Anti-Genderismus. Sexualität und Geschlecht als Schauplätze aktueller politischer Auseinandersetzungen,

Bielefeld, Transcript, 2015

Sexuality and gender continually become stages for intensive, sometimes highly affective, political confrontations. Whether it is a case of awareness-raising around sexual and gender diversity at school, or the gender studies offered at universities – the protest is always directed against post-essentialist conceptions of sexuality and gender, and it is always accompanied by gestures of heroic taboo breaking and anti-establishment stances. This book gathers the first social and cultural studies analyses on the so-called »anti-genderism« in the German-speaking and European context. The articles show that the defamation sometimes also has connections to Christian fundamentalist tendencies or with the New Right.