Unknown stories of intermediaries in women’s migration : men, women and non-binary people

Publié le 16 mai 2021 par Institut du genre

Editors : Alexandra Yingst (University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland), Stellamarina Donato (LUMSA University, Rome, Italy)

We propose an edited collection of stories that show how everyone, no matter what gender they identify as, plays a role and is involved in female migration. Stories may be about people both past and present.
Following Donna Gabaccia’s work on gender in migration studies, we want to stress the importance of including literature on gender studies in this volume. This volume will present a strong theoretical focus with innovative research methods from multiple disciplines across the humanities, social, and political sciences. An example of such literature would be the work of social theorists like Butler, Fraser, and historians like Scott, who focused on gender as a subjective process and not a determinant natural factor. Gender identification is a crucial point to consider when addressing unknown stories of migrant women because it challenges the vulnerability paradigm that has populated the debate for decades (Reysoo & Verschuur, 2004 ; Grotti et al., 2018) and therefore goes beyond the complementarity between men and women as the status quo (Andaya, 2007 ; Grami, 2018) and limited male-female comparisons (Donato et al., 2006 ; Erdal & Pawlak, 2018). In this regard, this collection considers women’s migration and gender equality (O’Neil et al., 2016) as two issues that should always coexist and aims at stressing their ties throughout the essays.

Deadline for submissions : by July 10, 2021

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