Religious Transformation and Gender : Contestations in/and the study of religion, gender and sexuality

Publié le 1er septembre 2020 par Institut du genre

Call for papers for the final conference of the NWO project « Beyond ‘Religion versus Emancipation’ : Gender and Sexuality in Women’s Conversions to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Contemporary Western Europe ».

Keynote speakers :
Orit Avishai, Professor of Sociology, Fordham University
Tracy Fessenden, Steve and Margaret Forster Professor in the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies and Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict, Arizona State University
Esra Özyürek, Sultan Qaboos Professor in Abrahamic Religions and Shared Values, Divinity Faculty at Cambridge University.
Yvonne Sherwood, Professor of Biblical Cultures and Politics, University of Kent

This conference marks the closing of the five-year research project, funded by the Dutch Research Council, titled « Beyond ‘Religion versus Emancipation’ ». In this project contemporary conversions – and transformation more broadly – have been studied in relation to religion, (post)secularity, race/ethnicity, gender and sexuality. In line with recent academic debates on secularism and sexuality, we take into account that questions of religion and secularism are embodied and gendered. Recently, the connection of sexuality, queerness and religion have been studied as well. Moreover, the links between racism, gender, and religion have been increasingly explored. The aims of this conference are thus twofold. First, we aim to further the study of the manifestations of transforming religions in relation to gender and sexuality in politics, public controversies, daily lives, and media and cultural productions. Second, we aim to reflect on, and enrich, the theoretical framework of religion, secularism, sex, and gender as fluid and intersecting categories in relation to contemporary theoretical discussions about race/ethnicity, postcoloniality, decoloniality and indigeneity.

11 & 12 March 2021 (Thursday and Friday) in Utrecht, the Netherlands
Deadline for submissions : October 15, 2020

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