Food and Gender : Contemporary perspectives, studies, and researches

Publié le 16 septembre 2020 par Institut du genre

Numéro thématique de la revue Anthropology of Food, parution 2e semestre 2021, sous la direction de Marzia Mauriello, Gaia Cottino et Anne Dupuy.

Specific topic areas may include, but are not limited to :

Food and gendered body norms/ image
Food and motherhood/ maternalism (breastfeeding, between nature and culture…)
Food and masculinity (it’s a [male]chefs’ world, super-foods)
Food and gendered spaces
Food, gender and new styles of consumptions (in urban and rural contexts)
Food and families (of all kind)
Street food and gender
Food, gender, and migration
Queer vegan and vegan eco-feminism
Dieting and (other) diets
Eating disorders
Food insecurity and gender inequity
New forms of colonialism and new native food practices in a gender perspective
Food sovereignty and gender
Indigenous gendered knowledge on food

Date limite d’envoi des propositions, en français et en anglais : 15 octobre 2020

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