Across Europe, from early modern to present times : Migrant women and their unknown success stories

Publié le 30 avril 2021 par Institut du genre

Call for contributions for a book, COST project Women on the Move.

The present collection of unknown stories is a complementary response to current initiatives that advantage personalities as part of an immigrational flow with influence on the European political and cultural arena. However, all these omit to include into the discussion the link between two factors (gender and migration), and do not recognize and interpret the specificity, outcomes, and impact of female transnational mobility.

The project takes a different approach and privileges those hidden stories of women who influenced local communities and structures but were either forgotten or marginalized in the face of what we might call an event-based history. These women do not have a Wikipedia page or if they have it is either short or incomplete. The aim of this collection of stories is to follow the entanglements between gender, migration, community and profession in order to highlight the routes for success on different labour markets and cultural arenas.

Deadline for submissions : 7 May 2021

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