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Webinaire, le mercredi, du 27 janvier au 7 avril 2021, 14h (heure d’Irlande)
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Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Eve Was Framed : Sex, Gender and Catholic Anthropology
Dr Alyson Staunton (School of Theology, Philosophy and Music), DCU, Ireland
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The current debates around sex and gender have become particularly fraught, with the rallying cry of ‘Transgender Women are Women’ as emblematic of a divisive culture war which pitches radical feminism against transgender rights. As with every form of culture war, this is framed as a zero-sum game. Women who question the narrative of gender trumping sex are given the pejorative label of TERF and accused of transphobia ; women who argue for inclusivity and allyship with transwomen are accused of being internalised misogynists and throwing women under the bus. This does not an avenue for reasoned reasonable debate make.
Perhaps we can discover a middle ground, a place where an accommodation can be reached. This paper proposes that this could possibly be found in what may seem like the unlikeliest of places : Catholic anthropology. The concepts of sex and gender, what it means to be a man or a woman, are formed in and through the prism of western culture and indebted to Christianity, and thus a theological reading of this debate could prove fruitful. If we can find a nuanced consideration of sex and gender in Catholicism - which has often been considered to be misogynistic, homophobic, trans-exclusionary and essentialist – as a tradition in which queer, transgender and non-binary people can find their experiences validated, then surely this means that the so-called ‘TERF Wars’ are not irredeemable. This is the framing of Eve – an examination of the construct of woman and how it has become a lightning rod in the debates surrounding sex and gender.

Wednesday 10th March 2021
Keen Streets, Lean Streets, Mean Streets
Denis Kehoe, National College of Arts and Design, Ireland

Wednesday 24th March 2021
Bodies and Boundaries : Queer Embodiment and the Femme(nist) Fatale in Under the Skin
David O’Mullane (Doctoral Scholar, SALIS), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 31st March 2021
Braiiiiiiins (and Sex) : Zombie Porn and Sexuality
Dr Caroline West (SALIS Alumni), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 7th April 2021 (
Hymenoplasty, Hormone Therapy and Sex Reassignment Surgery : Negotiating Gender in Iran
Dr Paola Rivetti (School of Law and Government), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 7th April 2021
Queer Mobilities : Exploring Polish LGBT+ Migration
Inga Wojcik (Doctoral Scholar, SALIS), DCU, Ireland