Sex Still Sells.

Paradoxical Right Wing Sexual Politics in Europe

Publié le 13 septembre 2016 par Equipe GIS IdG

On October 19th and 20th this year,

International conference "Sex Still Sells. Paradoxical Right Wing Sexual Politics in Europe"

It will be held at the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder, 19.10.2016) and Collegium Polonicum (Słubice, 20.10.2016)with the kind support of Centre Marc Bloch Berlin, European University Viadrina, German-Polish Literary and Cultural Relations and Gender Studies Frankfurt (Oder), Viadrina Center for Graduate Studies (VCGS) Frankfurt (Oder) and the Research group Genre, Travail, Mobilités at the Centre de recherches sociologiques et politiques de Paris (CNRS, UMR 7217), Paris.

Participation is for free and you are all very welcome to join. There will be an official opening with an introductory round table Wednesday October 19th at the European University Viadrina. The following conference on Thursday October 20th will take place at Collegium Polonium in Słubice. The final program will be announced early September but we can already give you some further information. You can also check our website :

Here : detailed and updated information for your conference stay.

Sex Still Sells. Paradoxical Right Wing Sexual Politics in Europe

In the past years right wing parties and organisations in most European countries managed to gain political weight. This conference examines their discourses, mobilisations and actors and inquires in which ways the sexual politics of the right have contributed to their success. Those politics appear paradoxical because right wing actors organize campaigns against what they call "gender theory" that they denounce for destroying “family values”. They stand up against gay marriage and the equality of non-heterosexual people, yet simultaneously present liberal sexual and gender politics as a European or Western value in their anti-immigration discourses. The conference also presents and examines counter-discourses and critical theoretical approaches in order to determine useful analytical frameworks for dismantling right wing politics. European-wide research results, but also single country studies and analysis will be presented from EU-member states like France, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary and Czech Republic.