PhD Course Writing Feminist Research : practices to enhance style, argumentation and self-reflectivity

Publié le 3 mai 2017 par Institut du Genre

Sky Course September 2017

Writing feminist research : practices to enhance style, argumentation and self-reflectivity, 5 cr
With Erszebet Strausz, University of Warwick and Elina Penttinen, University of Helsinki

Description of the workshop

Writing a doctoral thesis in the contemporary context of neoliberalist university politics, uncertainty and efficiency may add pressure to research and the writing process. In this workshop our goal is to address the challenges and tensions in writing feminist research and find practices to enhance one’s own argumentation, confidence in research and articulation.

A key element in feminist research ethics is self-reflectivity and recognition of power relations within academic practices. Actualizing these demands, however, may be difficult to do in practice. What does it mean to be self-reflective ? How much are we supposed to write ourselves into the text : what makes personal reflection effective without being ‘too much’ ? What are the political implications of engaging with our situatedness in the field we study for the power relations that we engage with and seek to challenge ? We will collectively explore ways to build one’s own argument and attain the goals of scientific research without getting lost in the process and with a view of nurturing new forms of writing, creativity and narrative that may unfold from these practices.

This workshop draws on critical pedagogy to enhance awareness of the ‘politics’ of research and introduces creative analytic writing as a method to bring clarity to individual research trajectories and offer alternatives to the implicit masculinism and power implications of scientific writing. The session showcases exercises from the creative analytic writing field and demonstrates how these may help to gain new insights into some of the core questions of one’s own research. The aim is not to dismiss the logico-scientific approach but rather to assist everyone in finding and refining their own writing style and academic expression.

Course assignments

1) select sections from your doctoral thesis where self-reflectivity needs to be incorporated into the text and bring it with you to the workshop
2) prepare a short summary of what you would like to achieve through personal reflection and what kinds of challenges you have been facing in this regard in your research and writing so far. (summary can be up to 2 pages).

Course readings

Erzsébet Strausz (forthcoming 2018) Politics of Liminality : Writing the Self and Transforming Knowledge in International Relations : Routledge : UK.
Chapters : Introduction and chapter 1. The chapters will be distributed to participants prior to the workshop. The book is currently in production.


Monday 11th September 2017 10-15 Introduction and workshop. Includes coffee at 10.a.m. and lunch at 12:00.
Tuesday 12th 14-16 September, Christina Seminar lecture : Strausz : Creativity as strategy and subversion in the neoliberal university : experiments in critical pedagogy, narrative research, and public engagement
Wednesday 13th , workshop 9:30-15:30 including lunch

Pre-registration open here.