n.paradoxa - Online Course on feminism and contemporary art

Publié le 13 mars 2017 par Institut du Genre

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n.paradoxa has just launched a MOOC (a mass open online course) on contemporary art (post-1970) and feminism.

The site is : http://nparadoxa.com

n.paradoxa’s MOOC is free and users just have to register their email to join it.

Users can join at anytime and continue at their own pace.

There are 10 lessons to explore from “feminism as a cloud” to “feminism as an avant-garde”.

In addition to the lessons, there are open forums for people to respond to the lessons and post their own ideas for discussion.

femtechnet defines this model of learning as a DOCC (rather than a MOOC) because the documents link to many resources online and the lessons are designed to be read anytime at the user’s own pace. (A DOCC= Distributed Open Collaborative Course - a feminist retooling of the popular genre of networked learning called MOOCs).

The MOOC uses many resources from the internet, among them those gathered for n.paradoxa : international feminist art journal’s website at http://www.ktpress.co.uk.

The journal, n.paradoxa, is separate from this new MOOC – as well as on a different website.

The MOOC was written by Katy Deepwell, editor and founder of n.paradoxa.

The MOOC is independently published by KT press and was supported by a grant from Innovate UK.

This course aims to bridge the gap between interest in feminism shown at graduate and undergraduate levels from art, art history and cultural studies students in comparison to the paucity of teaching on this subject in higher education curricula.