Gender, Race, Class and Crises : Pluralistic Approaches to the Economic Issues of our Time

Publié le 5 juin 2018 par Institut du genre

The 2019 ICAPE conference will explore the following themes :
- Given the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, the ongoing domination of the economics profession by white men, and the inadequacies of mainstream economic analysis of gender and race, what can pluralistic economists offer as an alternative ?
- Inequality continues to be a major issue of our time, and one that is central to much pluralistic analysis while being absent from much mainstream analysis. What can pluralistic economists add to the analysis of this crucial topic ? How can a contemporary analysis of class, race and gender contribute to our understanding ?
- Contemporary capitalism faces recurrent macroeconomic crises and looming environmental crises. How can pluralistic economists shed light on the dynamics and possible solutions to these crises ?
- What are the major problems confronting today’s communities, and how can pluralistic approaches to economics address those problems ?
- To what extent is it possible to combine and integrate different heterodox approaches into a unified, pluralistic approach ?
- What are the best methods for teaching and conducting research in pluralistic economics ?
- How should we cope with the exclusion of pluralistic ideas from economics journals, textbooks and curricula ? What strategies should we adopt ?
- What should younger scholars know about each pluralistic tradition ? What are the cutting edge approaches to teaching and scholarship in each tradition ?

The deadline for submitting proposals is Tuesday, September 4, 2018. We welcome proposals for individual papers, full sessions, teaching workshops, research workshops and roundtables. Proposals for complete sessions or workshops with a coherent theme are encouraged, especially those that are pluralistic in nature, reflecting multiple perspectives in the discipline.

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