Gender and digital media : Friend or foe in times of change

Publié le 22 août 2018 par Institut du genre

Edited by Shelley Boulianne (MacEwan University), Karolina Koc-Michalska (Audencia Business School) and Thierry Vedel (SciencesPo Paris).

Time’s Person the Year (2017) was the Silence Breakers. The award recognizes efforts across the globe to raise gender issues including those related to sexual violence. This movement aligns with other movements challenging the ways in which women’s voices are silenced or dismissed, as represented by the rise in discussions about mansplaining. This special issue will highlight the role of digital media in these movements as well as more generally the relationship between gender and digital media.
Sometimes digital media enables, other times it limits or impedes. For example, #metoo raises awareness of sexual violence, but using the hashtag makes people vulnerable to further victimization from trolls. Pointing out incidents of mansplaining can help raise awareness of this issue, but is social media able to support reasoned discussion that can inform social change ? Is the online sphere able to support a complex discussion about (gender, race, class, sexuality-based) inequality in our society and do those discourses yield practical solutions to this problem ?
Social media affordances can enable large scale mobilization, which may help the women’s movement as well as counter-movements, such as the men’s rights movement. While digital media can help produce large, diffuse networks, does it produce the strong ties required to sustain a movement ? Tweeting at a protest event helps cultivate one’s civic identity, but it also enables government and police surveillance of these events. How are feminist organizations and groups responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by digital media ?

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