Border Thinking. Gender in South Asia

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"Border Thinking" Gender in South Asia
Special issue for Third World Thematics : A third world quarterly journal. Edited by Nazia Hussein and Saba Hussain.

In South Asia we are at a critical juncture in the post-colonial history where countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are participating in the hegemonic global capitalist order of production and consumption, whilst also grappling with the rise of fundamentalism(s) on questions of national and group identity, models of development or integration into global capitalism. We see various political and socio-economic forces claiming legitimacy and even superiority of their epistemic traditions. What all fundamentalisms share (including the Eurocentric one) is the premise that there is only a single epistemic tradition from which to achieve Truth and Universality. It is in this context of multiple-fundamentalism(s) around relations of economic and cultural (re)production in South Asia that we situate the need for ‘Border thinking’.

As gender permeates the discourses and enactments of colonization and is an inseparable part of creating ‘others’ through the coloniality of power, the construction and performance of gender and gender relations has been paramount to the process of decolonisation (Schiwy, 2007). This special issue invites contributions to extend and apply the concept of ‘border thinking’ to assess the politics of gender in South Asia. In particular, we want to focus on decolonising knowledge of gender, ethnicity, religion and sexuality in South Asia by acknowledging non-Eurocentric sources and geo-political locations of knowledge production. We want to stress Mohanty’s (2003) proposition of being attentive to borders of identity, such as gender, ethnicity, religion and sexuality, while also learning to transcend them and creating an expansive and inclusive vision of gender in modern South Asia.

Papers (6000-7000 words) and inquiries should be sent to Nazia Hussein at or Saba Hussain at by Sunday 30 September, 2018.
Decisions will be confirmed by Friday 30 November, 2018.

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Border Thinking