AtGender ( is not only a professional association and research platform, but also functions as a lobby defending the scientific and political interests of actors in the field.

As a network including both institutions (teaching and research centres, regional and national institutes, associations defending and promoting the rights of women and sexual minorities) and individual members (academics, researchers, professionals from a wide range of fields), AtGender has the following mission:

  • to provide forum for advancing the knowledge and research in the field of gender studies and sexuality;
  • to help disseminate this knowledge and research vis-à-vis other disciplines as well as the general public;
  • to support international cooperation and strengthen the institutionalization of research in these fields;
  • to increase the visibility of our research field, especially vis-à-vis European funding agencies;
  • lastly, to foster exchange between academic and research organisations and non-profit organisations.

The Gender Institute represents the interests of all AtGender researchers working in the field of gender and sexuality in France. Each week, the GI therefore publishes the AtGender weekly newsletter on its website. The newsletter provides a large amount of information: vacancies, news about conferences, workshops and seminars, calls for papers and information on various initiatives.
In the future, the Gender Institute intends to play an active part in this European network. As members of AtGender, we intend to organize activities on the European level and will be able to host one of the European conferences regularly organized by the network.

Please contact us for more information or with inquiries about European and international initiatives.

If you would like to publish an announcement through AtGender (regarding an event, a summer school or an intensive course, to disseminate a call for proposals on a European scale), do contact us and we can place your information on the organisation’s website ( It is preferable to submit your information in English, but it is not obligatory.