About the IdG - Gender Institute

In today’s France, the study of women, gender and sexuality has become a booming research field; however, it still lacks sufficient visibility. The pioneering research carried out, starting from the 1970s, by CNRS and other French scholars in literature, philosophy, history, sociology and anthropology, has now grown to include other disciplines: political science, psychology, linguistics, ethics and, most recently, aesthetics, geography, economy and the law.

This rich and inventive body of scholarship represents an important part of the current humanities and social sciences landscape. However, the multiple and diverse research projects must often rely on institutional structures that are fragile, provisional and suffer from a lack of recognition. These frameworks cannot provide the necessary coherence to foster long-term development and give the French gender studies a truly international profile. At the same time, the field has been drawing an increasing number of researchers and continues to formulate new issues and questions.

These analyses, which concern all the disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and beyond, in turn stimulate the emergence of new concepts and theories of gendered inscriptions and gender relations. They also respond to an important demand from different research audiences.