Travail, genre et sociétés

Travail, Genre et Sociétés is an interdisciplinary, international journal open to different currents of research in these fields. In this sense, Travail, Genre et Sociétés is not a journal belonging to a particular school, but instead to a specific research field. Like the International and Interdisciplinary Research Network "Labour Market and Gender" (MAGE), which was at its origins, the journal aims to initiate confrontations between researchers with different or even opposing theoretical positions and options.

The focus of its reflection is the question of inequalities, specifically with respect to the place of women in the world of work and their social status: the feminisation of waged work, the rise of the service economy, the transformation of the relationship to women’s employment, the massive increase in unemployment and underemployment, the precarisation of employment status, the growing need of adapting living conditions to the other’s work. At the centre of these contradictory changes, women’s employment has changed in paradoxical ways: the higher the number of economically active, employed and skilled women, the higher the number of unemployed women, women living in precarious conditions and suffering from underemployment. Employment behaviour of men and women is becoming increasingly more homogeneous, but professional and familial inequalities have deepened.