Nouvelles Questions Féministes

Founded in 1981 by Simone de Beauvoir, Christine Delphy, Claude Hennequin and Emmanuèle de Lesseps, NQF is the successor of the journal Questions féministes created in 1977. Since 2001, the NQF has a French-Swiss editorial committee presided by Christine Delphy (CNRS, Paris) and Patricia Roux (University of Lausanne). Its editorial committee, which includes more than 40 women, brings together different types of experience: via the disciplinary background of its members (anthropology, law, geography, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, political science, sociology), via its intergenerational component and via the diverse forms of its members’ involvement.

The biannual NQF (144-168 pages) is now published in Lausanne (Editions Antipodes), while the editorial secretariat and the management of the journal are affiliated with the Centre for Gender Studies LIEGE.