Cahiers du Genre

The journal Cahiers du Genre focuses on the theoretical debates surrounding the social relationships between genders, in a decidedly interdisciplinary and international perspective. By disseminating leading works of research, the journal helps produce new tools, concepts and analyses in the field of social sciences and humanities. The large spectrum of questions approached from the gender perspective is what distinguishes it from other publications.
The thematic issues of the journal have looked not only at the different aspects of the professional world, the public and political sphere, but also at the different dimensions of the private sphere, referring to its affective, psychic and psychoanalytical dimensions. Twice a year, the Cahiers du genre publishes thematic dossiers on subjects such as work, the body, equality, the family, sexualities, the political, social movements, sciences and technologies, social activities, public policy, violence, feminism, art, etc., drawing on research from a range of disciplines: sociology, history, political science, anthropology or psychology of work. This makes it possible to understand the similarities and differences in the forms of gender relationships across societies and historical periods.

The composition of the issues expresses the journal’s international viewpoint: considerable space is devoted to articles by foreign researchers well known to the international scientific community. If it were not for the translations provided by the journal, some of these texts would remain inaccessible to the French readership.