Like other academic associations, EFiGiES seeks to promote the institutionalization and scientific recognition of feminist-informed teaching and research; however, it has been specifically set up by and for doctoral students. Its activities and structures are therefore closely linked with the experience of doing a PhD in present-day French academia.

Being a PhD student means having special needs for funding (i.e. having to look for scholarships, research contracts and teaching positions); however, the dissemination of information about how to access these resources is still very much lacking. Likewise, the publication of scientific works during the dissertation process is an important aspect of academic professionalization yet the process often lacks transparency.

In this context, EFiGiES aims to develop a solidarity between young researchers in feminist, gender and sexuality studies, by sharing knowledge, circulating information and participating in existing intellectual, institutional and associative support networks.

The association is specifically focused on helping graduate and PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and those with a precarious status, of all disciplines, nationalities and cultural perspectives.