The Gender of Emotions

Published on 28 April 2020 par Institut du genre

«The gender of emotions», Clio. Women, Gender, History, n° 47, June 2018, Editors for this issue: Damien BOQUET & Didier LETT. Editor for the English online edition: Siân REYNOLDS

Emotions are often considered to be a strong marker for gender, playing a central role in the cultural and social demarcations between masculine and feminine, with men being considered more rational and better able to master their emotions than women. This issue challenges this commonplace notion, analyzing far more complex representations and practices that do not oppose reason and emotion, that denaturalize emotions, and that deconstruct gendered stereotypes. With articles ranging from Greco-Roman Antiquity to twentieth-century Sudan, by way of the Middle Ages, the French Revolution and the First World War, this issue of Clio revisits the articulation between emotion and the difference between the sexes. It proposes to do so by historicizing these concepts, by identifying the relevant actors socially, by scrutinizing the documentary context, by taking into account the whole gamut of emotions, and by simultaneously questioning both the masculine and the feminine. This approach brings to light what gender does to emotions and what emotions do to gender.

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