GENDHI Scientific coordination

Published on 4 February 2020 par Institut du genre

Employeur : INSERM
Supervision : Nathalie BAJOS (DR INSERM)
Lieu : Campus Condorcet, Aubervilliers, France
Contrat : CDD – 39 hours, 6 years
Start date : mars 2020
Salary : According to profile and experience
Level of study : PhD level
Expérience : 5 years of professional experience

The Gendhi project aims to understand, from an intersectional perspective, how gender interacts with class and "race" to construct social inequalities in health from early childhood to death. The research is structured around two complementary questions: (i) How are sick bodies socially constructed? (ii) To what extent do different uses of the health system and different forms of health care provision vary according to the gender
of the sick person?

Candidates should ideally have a PhD or equivalent in social sciences (sociology, demography, economics) or epidemiology, have experience in scientific coordination of multidisciplinary research projects in the social sciences or public health. They should demonstrate solid knowledge of multivariate quantitative analysis, be able to work in a team and have strong interpersonal skills. Candidates must be willing to invest themselves in an ambitious, demanding and exciting scientific project. Candidates must be fluent in written English and French.

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