Women in football

Published on 4 June 2019 par Institut du genre

France is hosting the 2019 Women’s World Cup.
Sciences Po’s Gender Studies Programme (PRESAGE) and Women in Sports Law non-profit association welcome this opportunity to initiate a day of dialogue and conversation on women in football. Representatives from several national and international football governing bodies will engage in a dialogue with players, researchers, journalists and associations. Morning speakers will shed light on specific needs and challenges for equality and media exposure of women’s football. The afternoon session will be dedicated to identifying leverage actions to guarantee equal access to sporting activities and set gender parity within football governing bodies.

10:00am · Welcome address, by Hélène Périvier and Patricia Moyersoen
10:30am · Women in Football: needs and challenges
11:30am · Footballeuses : quelle visibilité dans l’espace public et médiatique ?

12:30pm · Lunchtime

2:30pm · Sport For All: what levers of action towards equal access to sporting activities?
3:30pm · Cracking the glass ceiling in football management and governance
4:45pm · Conclusive remarks register for the Afternoon Session

Monday 24th June 2019, 10am - 5pm
Salle Eugène d’Eichthal - 27 rue Saint-Guillaume 75007 Paris

Register here->https://www.sciencespo.fr/evenements/?event=women-in-football]