Women and Jihadi Radicalization

Published on 7 March 2017 par Institut du Genre

Thursday 16th of March 2017 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Sciences Po, 27 rue St Guillaume 75007 Paris, Room Goguel (5th floor – across the garden)

“Can Women be Soldiers of the Islamic State?”
Nelly Lahoud (International Institute for Strategic Studies)

“Paradise and the Apocalypse: Contradictions in Daesh Women’s Radicalisation”
Katherine Brown (University of Birmingham)

The lectures will be in English

Abstract :Female radicalization has become a highly topical issue following the unprecedented number of women who have joined the ranks of Daesh in Syria and Iraq over the last five years. Often riddled with stereotypes, female jihadism necessitates an in-depth academic debate. As a worldwide phenomenon, it raises the issue of the multidimensional and transnational aspects of gender in political violence. It also highlights the possible connects and disconnects between the individual and the collective; and between women’s aspirations to join jihadi groups and the reality they face once they join. This conference will address these issues, and will shed light on the tensions in Daesh women’s accounts of their radicalization, and on the ongoing debates in the jihadis’ literature and forums on the role of women in combat.

Dr Katherine Brown is a lecturer at University of Birmingham, specialising in gender, jihad and counter-terrorism. Her research examines Muslim women’s involvement in political violence, the role of gender in jihadist ideology, and the gendered impact of counter-terrorism policies and practices worldwide. This work engages critically with public debates on security, Islamophobia and women’srights. She has published widely and is currently working on a monograph for Oxford University Press on anti-radicalization policies and gender. Publications can be found via her linkedIn profile. She has provided peer-review assessments for over 30 academic journals and publishers, as well as for a number of European and UK research councils. She is a member of the Muslim in Britain’s Research Network, and the UK Higher Education Academy’s Islamic Studies Network.

Dr Nelly Lahoud is Senior Fellow for Political Islamism at the International Institute for Strategic Studies – Middle East. Lahoud’s recent research has focused on the ideology and evolution of al-Qa‘ida and the group that calls itself the ‘Islamic State.’ She was the lead author of Letters from Abbottabad (CTC: May 2012), the report that analysed de-classified documents captured in Usama bin Ladin’s compound. Other recent publications include The Evolution of Modern Jihadism (ORE, August 2016);The Group That Calls Itself a State: Understanding the Evolution and Challenges of the Islamic State (CTC: December 2014); ‘The Neglected Sex: The Jihadis’ Exclusion of Women From Jihad,’ Terrorism and Political Violence, Feb. 2014; Jihadi Discourse in the Wake of the Arab Spring (CTC: December 2013).