Citizen Science Project : mapping the memorials to the women’s suffrage movement

Published on 27 January par Héloïse Humbert

This Citizen Science Project aims to create a crowd-sourced map of all the memorials to the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the world.

Who is running it?
We are a team of scholars who specialize in the history and memory of feminism in the English-speaking world. In 2018 and 2020, statues were unveiled in Parliament Square and Central Park to commemorate the women’s suffrage movements in the UK and the USA. We knew they were not the first such memorials but we realized (with some embarrassment) that none of us had any idea of how many of these sites there were, what forms they took or where they could be found! Hence the very simple question that this map seeks to answer: where on Earth are the sites of suffrage memory?

Who can take part in it?
Anyone! No team of scholars, no matter how broad, could gather the information necessary to map all of these sites. This is where the magic of the internet comes in: by allowing anyone to submit an entry, we are hoping to harness the power of crowd-sourcing for this project.

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