Wittgenstein and Feminism

Published on 22 March 2021 par Institut du genre

Organized by Mickaëlle Provost, Jasmin Trächtler, Sandra Laugier and Carlota Salvador Megias

The aim of this event is to expand this inquiry while highlighting the Franco-Norwegian exchange on the importance of Wittgenstein’s thought for feminism. In France and Norway, Wittgenstein’s philosophy is used not only to reflect upon feminist methodologies and feminist epistemology, but also to investigate the intersections between language and ideology — their co-construction, as well as language’s subversions, reversals, and refusals of ideology — using a contextualized approach. We will attend to the plurality of feminist readings of Wittgenstein’s later work, their utility to feminist theory and practice, and the tensions that may arise between these and other post-structuralist or materialist approaches to discourse.

March 26th-27th, 2021, online
Registration : jasmin.traechtler@uib.no