Transforming Contexts, Transforming Selves: Gender in New Times

Published on 6 September 2019 par Institut du genre

Launched in 1994, Gender, Work & Organization was the first journal to provide an arena dedicated to debate and analysis of gender relations, the organisation of gender and the gendering of organisations.
Our theme goes some way to reflect the high levels of uncertainty, disruption and transition experienced locally and globally as bordering practices, movements and social, political and cultural demarcations undergo radical change. The erosion of consensus, increasing fragmentation and the rise of populist discourses with their antagonistic attitudes based on gender, sexuality and race have led to new forms of discrimination and disadvantage. The accompanying shifts in gendered power relations, exemplified in re-articulations of entitlement as well as in the #MeToo movement have profound implications for men and women’s experiences in organizations, where organizational transitions, precipitatedby changes in the social, political and economic context, generate different forms of engagement and disengagement, belonging and non-belonging andprocesses of sense-making and self-agency. The theme is intended to capture the effects of these and other broader social, cultural, political changes on men and women’s lives atwork.

Gender, Work & Organization 11th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference
24th to 26th June2020, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: Friday 1st November 2019

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